Shipping policy

Currently all heat presses are in production, but all sales are considered PRE-ORDERS until inventory arrives. We are expecting inventory to arrive within 3-4 months. Once inventory is checked in at our facility in Houston, TX, we'll prep your order, and send it via freight. Freight charges will be charged before inventory is sent, and must be paid before inventory is sent.

We will send you a shipping notification as soon as the order is ready to ship! As soon as you receive it, there is a tracking number attached (please note there can be multiple tracking numbers for your order). If you have difficulty accessing the tracking, please respond to your notification email, our team is here to help you!

Since deliveries will ship via freight, some clients may require a lift gate. A lift gate is the deck that lowers the heavy items on a freight truck/trailer to the ground, to you. If you don’t have a loading dock or a forklift to help you with this, please be sure you add one. If you ever find a delivery driver doesn’t use one, and you have paid for it, please let us know and we will make this right. (Please note the Semi Pro package does not require a lift gate.)

ALWAYS INSPECT BEFORE SIGNING BOL. Most vendors will not warranty any damages if no damage is noted on the BoL before signature.

It is vital that when a freight order or any equipment arrives that someone on staff takes photos and opens the crate/packaging. 

Examine and document any and all damages found - this is incredibly important. 

You paid good money for an amazing piece of equipment, so why not make sure it arrives undamaged. 

If damaged in any way, take photos and make sure to have the damages annotated on the BOL (Bill of Lading). DO NOT SIGN the BOL before inspecting the cargo and noting any damages. 

Once signed, you are releasing the carrier from all liability and if damages are found later on it becomes very difficult to hold them accountable. 

Once you sign the BOL, if no damage is noted, you are stating that your equipment arrived in good condition and that any further damage that may be found did not occur in shipping. So it is in the best interest of the purchaser to examine the equipment before signing. 

Note: Drivers are eager and will push you to sign the BOL. They may even get frustrated while they wait for you to examine for any possible damages. They have quotas but they can't leave until the BOL is signed for. MAKE THEM WAIT. Again You paid good money for an amazing piece of equipment, so why not make sure it arrives undamaged.